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Bangladesh to start testing bird flu vaccine


3441-RIPRO-COOP-HATCH-pulcini-vaccinazione--DeniseBangladesh will start conducting trials on bird flu vaccines next week to test their safety and efficacy before allowing their use by farmers in the country.

The trials will be conducted in Gazipur and Kishorganj districts. "The preparations are almost complete and we will start within a week," said Director of Department of Livestock Services (DLS) Musaddique Hossain. He said poultry farmers can afford the vaccine cost, which varies between BDT 1.8-5/bird (USD 1 = BDT 80.4).

Farmers and consumers would be keen to absorb it in a bid to save themselves from the virus. In September three drug companies were allowed to import avian influenza vaccine from the US, the Netherlands and China. "If we get a positive result, we will apply the vaccine across the country," said Mr Hossain.


Source: Asian Agribusiness





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